Electrical & Electronics

Main Engine

Diesel Generators

Manoeuvring System

Auxiliary Boiler


Oily Water Separator

Inert Gas (Electronic an Pneumatic)

IG Generator

Main Switch Board

Emergency Switch Board

Fire Alarm System

CO2 Alarm

Engine Control Room / Monitoring Control and Alarm System

Tank Level Remote Indicator

Cathodic Protection

All Starters Electrical Panel of Auxiliary Machine

Cargo Pumps

Automatic Unloading System

HS Alarm System

Gas (LEL) Alarm System

O.D.M. System

Gas Balast System Alarm

High and H.H Independent Alarm

Cargo Tanks

Veck System

Water Ingress Detection System

Public Address

Safety Communication (Magnetic Telephones)


Talk Back

Controllers Actuators (Pneumatics and Electronics, Nakakita etc)

Pressure and temperature Gauge

Aconis Alarm Monitoring and PMS System

Electronic Devices

Various Software