Research & Developement

Seaquest Marine LLC provides complete and scalable Artificial Intelligence & Marine Learning solutions for fleet cost optimization and smart managment systems.
Seaquest is a pioneer company that handles and delivers the full data feed pipeline. From the installation of the sensors to the Big Data analytics, training and integration of Deep Learning frameworks.
Our R&D Department consists of highly qualified professonals with both academic (Phd) and industrial backgrounds. We provide top-level services in the field of marine technology by designing and deplying state-of-the-art models that are essential to address the un-preceding complecity of maritime challenges in the modern world.
Reliability Centered Maintenance

Identification of critical assets for each ship's function, installation of sensors accordingly, aiming to predict failures before happening, towards minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Data analysis & Reporting

Live calculation of Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index and Carbon Intensity Indicator levels, minimization of Particulate Matter emissions and Fuel Consumption.

Shore Control Center

Real-time monitoring of the company's fleet using Interactive Dashboards, from everywhere in the world, allowing for different access levels, including all involved people, from technicians and engineers to managers and stakeholders, towards maximum performance.

Issue Reporting & Handling

Efficient Issue Reporting scheme for individual ships, towards timely handling of each issue, minimizing workforce overhead and improving situational awareness.

Air Quality Monitoring/Management

Optimizing equipment running conditions, work conditions for the crew & COVID-19 aerosols exposure.

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things

Development of scalable, efficient and fullu autonomous systems, both for navigation and engine which will lead the global shipping industry to fully autonomous ships.